1 ZX Spectrum gift at 13 got me hooked..
For reasons known only to the universe I learned all about teeth at university.
After a few years I woke up and started building stuff using software.
Big fast stuff that spans the globe but doesn't inspire.
I now want to start building stuff that makes a difference to us.

I live with a beautiful Romanian girl and have two burmese male cats.


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Tie-Tying #8 - Salvatore Ambrosi

(via t-enebrarum)

(via t-enebrarum)


Isabelle Adjani photographed by Jean-Claude Deutsch, 1973.


The season of predictions is here. Chris Kanaracus in an all-bold post, quoting analysts:

Jon Reed: “Expect SAP to purchase an up-and-coming “big data” product or vendor, and perhaps several, including at least one that specializes in integration with the Hadoop framework for large-scale…

Equilibrio… by Patetuo… on Flickr.

I have forgotten how much I like Flickr.. Looking at images like this inspire me so much.

nice_life on Flickr.

Amalfi coast in Italy.

The swampy lowlands

In the varied topography of professional practice, there is a high, hard ground overlooking a swamp. On the high ground, manageable problems lend themselves to solution through the use of research-based theory and technique. In the swampy lowlands, problems are messy and confusing and incapable of technical solution. The irony of this situation is that the problems of the high ground tend to be relatively unimportant to individuals or to society at large, however great their technical interest may be, while in the swamp lie the problems of greatest human concern.

Millennium Bridge from the Tate on Flickr.

London from the Tate Modern

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